The professional life of an experienced developer is not all sunshine and roses

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I’ve been working for one of the largest software companies in the world for more than a decade. With several hats on my head, I’ve seen many aspects of the business, ranging from rapid cowboy development to impactful acquisitions of competitors and startups.

1. Meetings

Most developers I know love their jobs…

A step-by-step guide for creating both the React front-end and our own GraphQL server.

Note: all files (server and front-end) can be found at GitLab.


In this article we will:

  • Create our own custom GraphQL server with pagination
  • Create a React front-end with an infinite-scroll component

I’ve seen several articles about infinite scrolling in React, but very few go into the details and neither…

Low-level APIs that hook into the styling and layout process of your browser’s rendering engine

Chart showing if Houdini is ready for different browsers

Note: The source code for the demo discussed in the second half of this article can be found on GitLab.


As I mentioned in my recent article about canvas animation inside React components, I love HTML canvas. So I couldn’t be more excited to learn about the new CSS Houdini…

Being a freelance developer is not a career for everyone. You might be a great developer, but do you have all that it takes?

People hanging out at a shop

For more than five years I used to work as a freelance programmer. Or a web designer, I called myself back then. I’m talking about a while ago and made great money with it because my skill set was quite rare at the time.

During those years I realized something…

Easily authenticate users in your React applications by using the Firebase SDKs

Final result

Authenticating users in your applications used to be quite challenging. It was a big security hazard and only the experts would dare to implement and maintain solutions. But nowadays, we don’t have to anymore. There are countless external Identity Providers using secure authentication protocols such as OAuth 2.0 …

A brief history of the progression of web development in the last few decades and how I experienced it as a young developer

Man looking at data

I remember the exact location where I connected to the internet for the first time with a dial-up connection as quite a young boy. It must have been around 1993 — the year in which HTML was initially released.

The internet was brand new.

There were only a handful of…

To move towards the next level, let’s focus on certain areas

Man walking down snowy, dimly lit path

I’ve walked a long road to get where I’m at. For more than two decades, I’ve been writing code, working for small and huge clients, and I’ve done everything from debugging to leading teams.

Today, I would like to share with you what I think are key ingredients for becoming…

There are so many kinds of software developers on the work floor. Here are some fun descriptions for a few of them

Diverse people laughing together

After working for more than two decades in the IT industry, I’ve encountered many, many different colleagues. And in retrospect, I’m quite sure I’ve been several of the different types described below — throughout the years. Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself as well.

Let’s have a look!

Eager Junior

The fresh one. They…

Gerard van der Put

Full-stack lead developer for a large industry-leading tech company and enjoys writing about development in his spare time.

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